It’s still cool to hang out in Greenwich Village

FILE - In this Oct. 12, 2017, file photo, pedestrians pass an exhibit titled "Arch" by Chinese activist artist Ai Weiwei in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File)

NEW YORK (AP) — As a teenager in New York City in the gritty 1970s, I often hung out in Greenwich Village with friends. There was nothing cooler than buying a tie-dyed T-shirt in some little shop or listening to a guitar-playing hippie in Washington Square Park.

Drones become crime-fighting tool

In this Oct. 16, 2017 photo, the Streetsboro police department's first drone flies in Streetsboro, Ohio,. Streetsboro Police purchased a drone this year and trained their first drone pilot officer in October, becoming one of hundreds of agencies across the country adopting the technology. They say they can't afford a helicopter, but a drone provides many of the same capabilities at a fraction of the price. (AP Photo/Dake Kang)

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The armed robbery suspect hiding out in a camper in rural Michigan heard state troopers closing in, so he dashed into a field and crouched among the 6-foot-tall cornstalks. What he didn’t know was that police had eyes on him from above.

Utah man continues tradition in blacksmith shop

In this Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017 photo, Aaron Richardson works in Rangar Forge, his blacksmith shop in Eden, Utah. Richardson opened his business in 2015, but the building first opened as a blacksmith shop in 1895. Richardson works in the traditional style while using the original forges and many of the tools from the first owner, J. M. Wilbur. "My hammers look very similar to hammers from 1,000 years ago," said Richardson. (Benjamin Zack/Standard-Examiner via AP)

EDEN, Utah (AP) — For three-quarters of a century, the ringing sound of hammer on anvil reverberated through the turn-of-the-century blacksmith shop in Ogden Valley.

Prospects bleak for a Grand Canyon tram

This April 7, 2015. photo provided by Tom Bean shows Renae Yellowhorse, a spokesperson for Save the Confluence, at Confluence Overlook on the East Rim of the Grand Canyon on Navajo Nation west of The Gap, Ariz., The plan for an aerial tram by the Navajo government is drawing opposition from the National Park Service, environmental groups and even some traditional Navajo herdsmen in the area. (Tom Bean via AP)

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Lawmakers on the country’s largest American Indian reservation have shot down a measure to build an aerial tram to take visitors to a riverside boardwalk in the Grand Canyon, with stores, hotels and restaurants above on the East Rim.

3-D holograms preserve Holocaust survivor stories

In this Oct. 20, 2017 photo, Holocaust survivor Fritzie Fritzshall poses for a portrait in front of her 3D hologram at the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Ill. Fritzshall is one of 13 Holocaust survivors who tell their stories through holographic images that invite the audience to ask questions, creating what feels like a live conversation. The exhibit in Skokie marks the first time that the voice-recognition technology powering conversations with audiences has been married to 3-D holographic technology to tell survivors' stories. (AP Photo/Don Babwin)

SKOKIE, Ill. (AP) — Fritzie Fritzshall knows she is running out of time.

Explore wine country in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley

This Sept. 30, 2017 photo shows a server pouring a wine tasting at the James Charles Winery & Vineyard in Winchester, Va. Thomas Jefferson may have been Virginia's first winemaker but it took another 200 years for the industry to blossom in the state. Today with 300 wineries, Virginia is the country's fifth-largest wine region. (AP Photo/Sally Carpenter Hale)

STRASBURG, Va. (AP) — Thomas Jefferson may have been the first winemaker in Virginia, but it took another 200 years for the industry to blossom in the state. Today, with 300 wineries, Virginia is the fifth-largest wine region in the United States.



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