Looking back

100 years ago

The Changnon Commission & Storage Co. announced this week in 1918 it had taken over the property of the Idaho Falls Brewing Co. and would be converting the big building into a cold storage and ice manufacturing plant capable of producing 50 tons of ice daily. The newly formed corporation was capitalized at $25,000 by A.G. and George H. Changnon, James Burrup and Chris Jensen. George Changnon said all the cold storage space had been contracted for and that it would be necessary to build an addition of 40 by 54 feet right away. An elevator was also being installed.

75 years ago

Close to 1,000 junior and senior high school students from Idaho Falls were getting ready this week in 1943 to strip down to gym clothes and take part in a massive fitness demonstration in Highland Park. The parade was to assemble at the schools and march west on Broadway then north on Park Avenue. The program, scheduled to start at 2 p.m. May 11 under the guidance of Coach J.A. Thompson, was to feature calisthenics, tumbling, posture marching, boxing and the final battalion review of the Victory Corps. Grade school students were to be excused from classes Wednesday afternoon for the drills, but would be required to return for the last day of school on Friday to pick up their report cards.

50 years ago

Vicky Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Jones of Idaho Falls, was announced “Miss Baseball of 1968,” an annual contest sponsored by the Idaho Falls Angels Baseball Club. The announcement was made at the club’s annual luncheon, in the Rogers Hotel. She would receive a $250 cash scholarship, a wardrobe for college and a selection of gifts ranging from household items to “personal gifts for use in a college career.” Susan Earl and Terry Stavros, both Skyline High School students, were named attendants from Idaho Falls. Other attendants included Paula Christensen of Shelley High School and Karen Jolley of Bonneville High School. “The queen and attendants were among 17 outstanding high school students from over East Idaho who competed in the contest,” the Post-Register reported.

25 years ago

Bonneville County Deputies were too late to stop a murder-suicide in the Palisades Reservoir area. Police said Anthony J. Zajac, 32, of Alpine, Wyo., abducted his former girlfriend, Patricia Wamser, 27, also of Alpine, the morning of May 12, 1993, and took her to a dirt road above the reservoir, where he shot her with a rifle and then himself. Wamser had called for help earlier and Lincoln County, Wyo., dispatchers had alerted Bonneville County to be on the lookout for a white Toyota with Wisconsin plates headed into Idaho. A deputy spotted the car on U.S. Highway 26, but lost sight of it in the time it took him to turn around. When deputies arrived at the scene Wamser was dead but Zajac was still alive. He died in the ambulance on the way to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”