Kelly Canyon closes due to weather conditions

As the mild winter continues, one local ski resort is shutting down operations, likely for the season.

Kelly Canyon Ski Resort announced Monday that it has ceased operations for the season due to the unsafe conditions of the slopes.

In an email to the Post Register, Kelly Canyon co-owner David Stoddard said the reason for the early closure is not necessarily due to a lack of snow, but the icy conditions caused by the warmer weather.

“Although there is still significant snow on many of the ski runs, the recent unusually warm temperatures combined with the lack of snowfall have created abnormally slick surfaces on the mountain, particularly at the base,” he said. “Such weather makes for unsafe skiing conditions and causes it to be nearly impossible to safely run the groomers and to make snow.”

Stoddard said up until a few days ago, snowfall and ski conditions were fine at the resort. And with a snowfall that blanketed the area Monday morning, Kelly Canyon is not completely giving up hope for the season.

“The resort is closed until sufficient snowfall returns to allow the resort to safely operate,” he said. “Which we hope happens soon so that the resort can re-open this season.”

Reporter Marc Basham can be reached at 208-542-6763.