Choose the right spot for honeysuckle

This undated photo shows trumpet honeysuckle in New Paltz, N.Y. Unlike some other species of honeysuckle, trumpet honeysuckle is sedate enough to make a good garden plant — and it blooms all summer long. (Lee Reich via AP)

Who couldn’t love a plant with a name that speaks of both sweetness and nurturing? Yet there are those who scorn honeysuckle. And — just as bad — there are those who shower honeysuckles with too much affection.

There is nothing like home-made ribs

This May 10, 2018 photo shows barbecue pork ribs in Amagansett, N.Y. This dish is from a recipe by Elizabeth Karmel. (Elizabeth Karmel via AP)

It’s officially barbecue rib season, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have made them three times in the last week and I am planning on making them for a party this weekend.

Safety tips for homegrown produce

This undated photo shows cleaned carrots after being taken from a garden near Washington, D.C. Row crop vegetables eaten raw are among the most common causes of food-borne ailments. Thorough washing and cooking are the best ways to kill bacteria in contaminated produce. (Dean Fosdick via AP)

Food safety often is cited as the primary reason why people grow their own edibles, but that’s frequently an illusion. Food-borne illnesses are almost as likely to be caused by homegrown produce as by fresh foods acquired elsewhere.

Reuben Pizza is quick & inexpensive for a party

This April 2017 photo shows a Reuben pizza in New York. This dish is from a recipe by Sara Moulton. (Sara Moulton via AP)

With the end of the school year looming, the proud parents of any number of soon-to-be-minted graduates are wondering how to pull off a celebratory party without spending a ton of time or money. Reuben Pizza is the answer. It’s quick, easy to make, inexpensive and completely scrumptious.

Salmon Panzanella

This December 2017 photo shows salmon panzanella in New York. This dish is from a recipe by Katie Workman. (Lucy Beni via AP)

In the most perfect of all worlds, things look as good as they taste. That’s true with this dish. Pink salmon, bright tomatoes (grab multicolored ones if that’s an option), flecks of purpley onion, pale chunks of toasty bread and a drizzle of bright green basil oil — a virtual rainbow.

Lawn mowing height

Question: My neighbor says I cut my lawn too short. Although my lawn looks as good as his now, he pointed out that mine deteriorated last summer when his did not. Does it really make a difference how high the lawn is mowed? I have noticed that golf course fairways are mowed just as short as I mow.

One of the prettiest tulips is also easy to grow

This undated photo shows an Angelique tulip in New Paltz, N.Y. Angelique is a variety of tulip that not only bears beautiful blossoms but also will repeat the show year after year with a minimum of care. (Lee Reich via AP)

Angelique is soon to arrive in my garden, but only briefly. And as in years past, I’ll miss her when she leaves and will look forward to her return next spring.



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